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    4oz Organic Loose Rooibos

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    Rooibos is the new generation high antioxidant tea that has long been enjoyed in South Africa, and now Americans and Europeans are appreciating the brew in various forms. This natural health tea is delicious with or without milk, sugar, honey or any other kind of sweetener. It has a natural pleasing taste and children love it as much as adults. It is completely caffeine free. Moreover, it has beneficial traces of the following natural nutrients: Iron which is essential for transport of oxygen in the blood; Potassium necessary for metabolic processes in the body; Calcium necessary for strong teeth and bones; copper necessary for different metabolic processes; zinc necessary for normal growth and development and healthy skin; magnesium necessary for a healthy nervous system and for other metabolic processes; fluoride necessary for healthy teeth and bones; sodium necessary for fluid and acid-base balance; manganese necessary for metabolic processes and for bone growth and development. This tea is considered to be a health drink with beneficial effects on the body. The unique phenolic content of rooibos tea is the potent antioxidant which is the key to its therapeutic value. Consumption of our high quality super grade rooibos tea on a daily basis will slow down your aging process and keep you looking younger. Also, the research done in Japan indicated that flavonoids present in rooibos tea help to fight off free radicals that can cause damage in the body. INGREDIENT:  Loose Organic Rooibos
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    Bitter Sweet Tea includes the revitalizing plant called sutherlandia and stevia leaves which are naturally sweet when chewed. This tea will reduce your stress level while enabling your body to form enough energy to focus throughout the day. The tea leaves originated from around the world including the mountains of South America and South Africa where tea is more a health beverage that nourishes the body. Indigenous people drank these teas to conquer restlessness, reduce stress,  boost their immune system and improve the look of their skins. However, we know something about bitter sweet tea. It is 100% naturally caffeine free and healthy for your body. Put one teabag into freshly boiled (8 - 12 ounces) water or bring the teabag to a boil inside the tea pot. Either way, let it simmer for 3-5 mins. Microwave teabag in cup of cool (room temperature) water for 3-4 minutes if preferred. This is super grade, high antioxidant quality tea. INGREDIENTS: Rooibos, Sutherlandia leaves and Stevia leaves
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    BREATHE WELL TEA (antivirus tea)

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    Breathe Well tea contain ingredients that will  protect your respiratory air way from the debilitating  effects of covid-19 and will clear and strengthen the lungs against viruses. It will also boost your immune system and help to reduce inflammations in the body. INGREDIENTS: Healing herbs including Garlic, Ginger, Aloe Ferox, Buchu, Thyme, Lavender, Elder, Horseradish, Mullein, Wild Cherry, Sutherlandia, Elecampane, Rosemary, Catnip, Stevia leaf. The package contains 30 teabags.
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    Cinnamon Coffee

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    Our Alafia Betta Coffee is an award-winning coffee. It won the best-tasting coffee award in mid-2000 at the Coffee Fest Conference & Exhibition and it has remain a winner ever since. We wanted all coffee lovers to be able to drink our coffee without cream or any kind of sweetener if they wish and feel it’s okay to drink it that way and loving it. The award we received from the “Best Tasting Coffee Competition” we participated in has led us to keep that same taste feel in all Alafia Coffee. The Cinnamon coffee has no flavoring. It is made from 100% Arabica Coffee.
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    Cinnamon Tea

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    Cinnamon Tea
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    Alafia Clean Bladder & Kidney tea is a smoothe tasting caffeine free tea that cleanses the bladder and the kidney at the same time in order to allow both to function properly. Buchu leaves which are part of the ingredients in this tea are highly valued as ingredient that helps in removing toxins from the body including the kidney and the bladder. Parsley, a natural spice which is also a natural recommendation for improved kidney functions is also included. These healing herbs combined with our high quality antioxidant and minerals rich rooibos tea provide a therapeutic aromatic beverage. Simple but works great. INGREDIENTS: Buchu, Rooibos, Parsley and Natural Flavors
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    Daily Goodness

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    Daily Goodness tea is rooibos tea with its pleasing taste combined with kinkeliba tea leaves which gives much more antioxidants than any other tea on the market. This hot tea after cooling, can be refrigerated to make it iced tea. Daily Goodness tea is a beverage that is high in potent antioxidants and has immune system support functionality. Very good for both young and old. This tea is very receptive to cream and sweetener. Ingredients : Rooibos, Kinkeliba leaves and Natural Flavors
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    Easy Night

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    Easy Night combines the calming properties of xylopia seeds, the high antioxidant values of both kenkeliba and rooibos tea, the stress reducing benefits of kanna leaves and the sleep encouraging values of lemon balm leaves. All these together will enable a good night sleep. You will enjoy a calm and stress free night rest while waking up feeling well invigorated and well rested. This tea will make that happen. The longer you let tea infuse, the more the benefit you will get from it. Free shipping for any purchase of $19.99 or more. INGREDIENTS: Xylopia, Kanna, Lemon Balm, Kinkeliba, Rooibos and Natural Flavors
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    Energy Tea

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    This tea is one of the exclusive health teas that we produce to help our customers maintain the needed energy to power through the day with relative ease and stress free. This energy tea called Energizer is made to make you fully alert without the feeling of too much caffeine in your body. It provides you with the energy you need to start your day or to continue the day still full of energy. It is a smooth way of realizing body vitality for yourself. Our teas are in easy to prepare teabags; only hot water is required. This hot tea after cooling, can be refrigerated to make it iced tea. Free shipping for orders $19.99 or more. Ingredients :  Green & Roasted Yerba Mate, Ginger, Eluethero, Black & Green Teas, 'Keliba leaves, Lotus leaves, Jute leaves & flower, Natural Flavors.
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    This coffee is cultivated in central and southern Ethiopia on farms that are 4900-7200 feet above sea level. The various grades of this coffee are produced using centuries old methods resulting in balanced acidity and good body quality beans that are sun-dried with distinctive hint of Mocha flavor.
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    Fitness Tea

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    Fitness Tea


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