4oz Organic Loose Rooibos

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Rooibos is the new generation high antioxidant tea that has long been enjoyed in South Africa, and now Americans and Europeans are appreciating the brew in various forms. This natural health tea is delicious with or without milk, sugar, honey or any other kind of sweetener. It has a natural pleasing taste and children love it as much as adults. It is completely caffeine free. Moreover, it has beneficial traces of the following natural nutrients: Iron which is essential for transport of oxygen in the blood; Potassium necessary for metabolic processes in the body; Calcium necessary for strong teeth and bones; copper necessary for different metabolic processes; zinc necessary for normal growth and development and healthy skin; magnesium necessary for a healthy nervous system and for other metabolic processes; fluoride necessary for healthy teeth and bones; sodium necessary for fluid and acid-base balance; manganese necessary for metabolic processes and for bone growth and development. This tea is considered to be a health drink with beneficial effects on the body. The unique phenolic content of rooibos tea is the potent antioxidant which is the key to its therapeutic value. Consumption of our high quality super grade rooibos tea on a daily basis will slow down your aging process and keep you looking younger. Also, the research done in Japan indicated that flavonoids present in rooibos tea help to fight off free radicals that can cause damage in the body.

INGREDIENT:  Loose Organic Rooibos