Bitter Sweet Tea includes the revitalizing plant called sutherlandia and stevia leaves which are naturally sweet when chewed. This tea will reduce your stress level while enabling your body to form enough energy to focus throughout the day. The tea leaves originated from around the world including the mountains of South America and South Africa where tea is more a health beverage that nourishes the body. Indigenous people drank these teas to conquer restlessness, reduce stress,  boost their immune system and improve the look of their skins. However, we know something about bitter sweet tea. It is 100% naturally caffeine free and healthy for your body. Put one teabag into freshly boiled (8 - 12 ounces) water or bring the teabag to a boil inside the tea pot. Either way, let it simmer for 3-5 mins. Microwave teabag in cup of cool (room temperature) water for 3-4 minutes if preferred. This is super grade, high antioxidant quality tea. INGREDIENTS: Rooibos, Sutherlandia leaves and Stevia leaves