Please read what our customers are saying :

I have had excellent results with the Stomach health Tea. The taste is delicious with enough vitality to give me a boost in the mornings. I crave it for my digestive system. It gets rid of bloating and serves as a natural relief for my stomach comfort especially after taking it after a meal. I would recommend it to help calm down and soothe the stomach as well. I am also a lover of Ginger Tea. It is one of the best tasting pure ginger teas I have ever had. Refreshing, with a clean, pure bite to it.

I simply love my ALAFIA Teas!!

 – Belinda R.   MD (USA)

My mom told me my dad loves the body sugar balance tea because it keeps his blood sugar level under check. He is saving the empty box so I have to order more online. Thank you for producing something so natural and still effective.

– Deolu B. MD (USA)

Good day. Thank you for producing this bladder, liver and kidney tea. It has really help me a lot. My legs are no more swollen and I feel so much better. Regards.

– Denise M. (Cape Town) S. AFRICA

I began taking your Energizer Tea daily, about 3 months ago. Within a week, I began to feel the endurance in my physical fitness work out, my stamina began to surge for a man over 60….even I noticed how further I can go …..Thanks so much….

– Sammy A. Houston, TX (USA)

Your Ginger Mate Tea is super. It has really made a difference in my everyday activities. The antioxidants in the Ginger and the other ingredients in the tea make it very refreshing. Also, my wife enjoys the Daily Goodness tea very much. She says the antioxidants are greater in the Daily Goodness. Thank you.

– Victor L. NYC (USA)

Your Body Sugar Balance Tea has changed the shape of my diet. It has become a major part of my daily diet. Since I began taking this tea about 85 days ago, I hardly feel my foot nerve pains anymore. They have reduced tremendously and I don’t have any side effects. … Thanks, God Bless.

– Bims I. Baltimore, MD (USA)

What can I say? Nothing but thank You for the production of the Natural Body Sugar Balance Tea. It has definitely lived up to it’s name, and more. I began taking the tea since Dec 2017, and guess what?, My Doc had reduced my intake of 4 different Diabetes Medications, to just One. The tea has made a lot of difference in my health. I now have more stamina to exercise…Thank You.

– I. Goke Houston, TX (USA)

My mother-in-law loves your Sweet Red Heart tea. Since she began taking it and your Digestive Health Tea two months ago, she has started feeling more alive. Now, she never wants me to stop supplying her with both blended Teas. For a woman that is hard to please, your products sure pleased her…Thank you.

– Aggie J. Dublin, Ireland

I got your sweet red heart tea from my dad and I like it very much. The taste is unique but delicious. Do you have a subscription program because I didn’t see it on your website.

– Elizabeth B, Silver Spring, MD (USA)

Like a lot of people who find it hard to fall asleep easily, I am glad I found your natural remedy for that. Your Easy Night tea is exceptional the way it lulls me to sleep. Not only that, I wake up feeling well rested and ready to go. Great product.

– Bob C, MD (USA)

The Clean bladder, liver & kidney tea I ordered and received from you about ten days ago is very good. It exceeded my expectation. I have tried to find a natural product that can be as effective as this. None. Now you have a happy customer in me. Cheers.

– Wasse M, Silver Spring MD (USA)

I purchased the first box of your Painless Tea out of curiosity. Now I buy them because they reduce my dependence on synthetic pain killers. This is natural and I like it.

– Tuns M, GA (USA)

Hi, this is Jennifer, I just want you to know that all the teas I bought from you are awesome. I keep telling people how great they taste.

– Jennifer S, VA (USA)

Hello. I felt compelled to let you know how well your products have improved my immune system in general. I recently finished the 30 tea bags of the following; Bitter Sweet Tea, Stomach Health tea, Kidney & Bladder tea, Liver tea as well as Immunitea. Once my current stash runs out. I certainly will be re-ordering.

– Lookman A. Chicago, IL