As a tasty health beverage oriented company associated with some of the world’s tea plants top R&D teams, we are well known for high-quality and innovative tea and coffee beverages. As a leading provider of health teas and coffee, our company offers complete products that will enable you to maintain good health in the new millennium.

Professional care is taken in all aspects of production including blending, quality control and designing of our packages. Our teas are made from the finest ingredients available in the health tea industry while our coffee is the result of specialized blending and roasting to create a gourmet product worthy of an award any where in the world. Our proprietary blends, both in tea and coffee are designed to delight the palate and stimulate the senses.

At Alafia Tea, Coffee and Spice, we adopted from inception the notion of protecting the exclusive health tea plants that we procure from our associated farms and use in our production and those from other farmers that produce them in the rural communities of developing countries. The appreciated efforts of these farmers will enable us to create exquisite tasting teas including chai from loose leaf blends. Our research and development department is continually formulating customer-oriented, functional and healthful products. For these reasons, we want to help to sustain and develop plants especially those with health properties that people have depended on since the beginning of time for food, medicine, shelter, clothing, cosmetics and other beauty products. Also, we are commited to render unfailing support and assistance to the farmers that grow these plants so as to maintain sustainable growth in such communities around the world.

In order to begin the process of reaching these objectives, we will start to work on two of the United Nations’ post Millennium Development Goals which are:

1. Create a global partnership for development

2. Participate in environmental sustainability


We hereby thank all our customers for contributing to our effort to build public libraries in the rural communities that our raw materials come from. Alafia Tea, Coffee & Spice will do this by using a fraction of your purchases towards this end. Thank you again for buying from us.